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We are extremely excited to be servicing both Tacoma, WA servicing The Greater Puget Sound Area and Columbia, SC. We look forward to serving and helping to keep the spaces you occupied beautiful. Along with the awesome opportunity to serve you in the areas of post construction cleaning and janitorial, we also will be able to provide employment to some of the amazing people we share this beautiful community with. This is going to be amazing!

Meeting Your Needs

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Tacoma, WA

Columbia, SC



In today’s environment of corporate uncertainty, coupled with an ever increasing demand for ethical accountability, Coastal Maintenance Solutions is an ideal partner for corporate America. We combine our operational and financial strengths with uncompromising integrity.

At CMS, we firmly believe that organizations of integrity and substance should seek to align themselves with other organizations that share the same values and commitments. Coastal Maintenance Solutions was designed to produce quality work. We are a licensed and bonded company with well trained and qualified staff to serve you.

Coastal Maintenance Solutions has the ability to service commercial buildings of various sizes. We are currently staffed to effectively services commercial janitorial accounts ranging from 0-100,000 square feet. In the area of post-construction cleaning we can service up to 1,000,000 square feet. These numbers have been verified through previous contracts.